Fun-filled interiors for 2021

This year trends are likely to present a perfect antidote to last year. Here are some predictions for Interior trends for 2021….


It is time to get serious about play- after a year of abiding by rules of where to go, when to go, who we can see and how we can see them it is time for some fun.

You have most likely spent a lot of time in your home and maybe you have had enough of staring at the same four walls – well then why not change them? Consider playful elements to bring into your home in colours, furniture, artwork, lighting and more. Have you ever considered hanging a swing inside or a maybe it is time to invest in some cool neon of your favourite quote?


This colour represents all that is joyful. It makes us feel brighter and think of sunnier times. Yellow in its’ boldest tone makes a great accent colour for cushions, vases & bedding. There will be a lot of yellow & orange around in 2021 as interiors reflect the mood of a joy-seeking nation.

Plant life

Introducing more plants into your home is the interior trend that will give back- nurturing plants and seeing them flower and grow is a sure fire way to make you feel happy. Plants are likely to go big with nods to tropical vibes to fulfil our desire to travel once again. Consider an indoor tree for a real wow factor in your home and to feel the proven benefits of being closer to nature. Species to look out for are fig trees, citrus & palms.


If 2020 was the year of grabbing a takeout coffee & muffin and heading to meet friends in the park then 2021 will see the return of entertaining. Dinner parties & more formal hosting will have a renewed appeal where people can really go to town when entertaining guests in their home. The kitchen / dining table styling will be decadent so starting scouring the vintage shops and second-hand online market places now for candelabras, vintage glass & colourful serving platters. Ditch the paper napkins for some beautiful linen ones and make your guests feel really special when they return.


You have heard of slow fashion well now it is the turn of slow-interiors. We have all begun to notice just how much stuff we don’t need and the things that are important in our homes. Save money and make considered purchases for your home and mix up old with new. Where possible consider repurposing, recovering or renewing existing pieces. A makeover on an old coffee table no longer has to result in shabby chic- why not try some gold or silver leafing to give a new glamorous lease of life to an existing piece? And if you do need to buy something new there will be lots of options for sustainable & considered choices with the high street increasing its’ ranges to include more responsible items.


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